Our Terms

Payment is to be made on or before delivery except when account facilities have been granted by prior arrangement.

The hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to the goods from time of delivery or collection until they are checked by company’s employees at our depot. Customer is welcome to be present at time of checking.

Deliveries left at premises unattended by customers are left at customers risk.

Shortages and breakages will be charged for at replacement prices. List available from office.

Charges for delivery and collection will be given when order is confirmed.

Service is Door-to-Door Ground Floor. Where delivery entails our staff taking goods to specific rooms or having to reassemble & pack equipment after use and extra time is involved, additional charges will be made.

No responsibility can be accepted for injury or damage caused by use of equipment hired.

All packing boxes lost will be charged for.

Minimum deposit £40.00.
Deposit returned after equipment has been checked at Claremont Hire depot allowing 10 working days for cheque clearance if not covered by bankers card.

Customers own equipment returned to us will be kept for 4 weeks from return date. Customers responsible for it’s collection.

Prices are for as 48 hour period.

Cheques payable to